Structural Fabrication & Construction

Structural steel is at the heart of what we do. Time and again, our customers return to us for high quality products that support their work in the structural and construction markets. We have provided structural steel for construction projects of all sizes thanks in no small part to our impressive inventory, quality processing, quick and accurate bid preparation and ability to meet the production schedules of our customers.

Ask us about our state-of-the-art nesting software:
-Easy quote conversions from fabricator files including CAM< DXF, DWG, KSS, NC1 and PDF
-Sawing long products: beams, channels, angles and tubing
-Profiling and shearing: parametric, true shape and rectangular
-Plate processing and custom nesting
-Increased accuracy, efficiency and quicker turnaround on quotes

OEM & Manufacturing

At PDM, we take pride in our industry applications specific to our OEM and heavy equipment manufacturing markets, including ripper shanks, wear plates, frame rails flat beds and box columns. From repetitive part processing to specialized parts manufacturing, we are able to serve small businesses to large industrial corporations.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified facilities:
PPC Fresno, California
FPSS Stockton, California
PDM Stockton, California

Aggregate & Mining

PDM stands by its inventory, and when it comes to mining and drilling, we are proud to offer abrasion resistant, impact resistant and wear resistant steel that increases the lifespan of equipment used in this market and meets the industry’s rigorous standards. In addition to providing numerous mining-specific applications, we offer heavy equipment processing including expert on-site representation for field measurements.


As a leading steel distributor in the western U.S., our comprehensive inventory of products helps fabricators and smaller distributors complete projects without imposing on company time. From small, custom orders to large-scale shipments, we provide exceptional customer service and on-time delivery thanks to our numerous steel service centers.


In the agriculture market, equipment and machinery must cater to specific industry requirements in order to withstand weather and heavy usage. PDM Steel understands the steel applications necessary to produce high quality products for this industry and serves the agricultural market with steel solutions ranging from trailers to mechanized implements and harvest equipment for vineyards, orchards, dairies and row crop applications.

In addition, PDM also stocks a full line of ornamental steel products and for fencing, gates and other design applications.