PDM splits steel beams into Tee's using a rotary mechanical shear. Through this process, traditional thermal cutting of the beam web is eliminated, meaning less internal stress and straighter tee's. PDM is poised to produce more accurate and straighter Tee's for your requirements.


6” to 40” in length
Up to 1/2” web thickness
Up to 65’ lengths
Wide Flange, Standard Beams, and Channels
Miscellaneous Channels into Custom Angles


Cambering is a technique where the straightness of a structural steel beam is altered to provide additional strength and resistance to deflection. PDM Steel cambers structural steel beams using a heavy-duty lateral hydraulic press to gently alter the steel beam into its desired shape. With a capacity to camber steel beams and other structural steel members, PDM is equipped to handle your most demanding cambering requirements.


Beams up to 36” and 262 lbs./ft.
Materials over 60-0 ft. long
Camber Standard and Miscellaneous Channels, Beams and Tubing