Plate Products

A36, A572/50, A516 PVQ, Corrosion Resistant A588, High Brinell, A514 Constructional Alloy & Floor Plate

Available Grades
Hot Rolled ASTM-A36

Hot rolled plates made to ASTM-A36 are intended for use in structural applications. Plates 1/2” and under are normally sheared, while heavier plates are flame cut. Flame cutting is necessary when plate thickness exceeds mill shearing limits.

High Tensile Plates ASTM A572 Grade 50

High Tensile Plates are low alloy steel, which produce high strength and are intended primarily for weight reduction, or longer life, by means of greater strength.

Pressure Vessel Quality Plate A516 Grade 70

A516/70 is a carbon steel plate for boilers for stationary service and other pressure vessels. The maximum thickness under this specification is 6”.

Corrosion Resistant Plate A588

This specification covers high-strength, low alloy steel, which is made to reduce weight without sacrificing strength and is primarily used in structural applications.

High Brinell Plate

High Brinell or Wear Plates are made from heat treated, high strength, abrasion resisting steels and are available in grades AR360, AR400, and AR500.

Constructional Alloy A-514

Heat treated constructional alloy steels are low-carbon alloy steel with a level of strength substantially higher than that of the high- strength low alloy grades. This higher strength is obtained by heat treating, water quenching and tempering.

The range of hardness for ASTM A-514 is Brinell 235 – 293 and is referred to as “Regular Quality.” If you have specific hardness requirements, please contact your local sales department.

Floor Plate is made of rolled carbon steel that has great structural strength and long wearing qualities. The practical safety tread pattern provides 4-way traction, easy cleaning and drainage.

Galvanizing and paint services available upon request.

Sheet Products

Commercial Quality, High Tensile, Cold Rolled, Galvanized & Paintable Galvanized

Available Grades
Hot Rolled ASTM-A1011 Commercial Quality

Commercial quality may be suitable for bending and moderate forming, is easy to fabricate and is used for a wide variety of purposes, such as barrels and drums, lockers, cabinets, doors, blower and ventilating systems, bins, partitions, chutes, steel jackets, and agricultural equipment. Test Reports are available showing chemistry only.

Hot Rolled ASTM-A1011 Structural Steel in Grades 33, 36, 45, 50

Structural Steel Grades may be specified and are used in applications where engineered or specific physical properties are required. Increasing grades may reduce ductility. Test Reports are available showing chemistry, yield and tensile strengths, and elongation.

High Tensile Sheet ASTM A1011-HSLA Grade 50

High Strength / Low Alloy sheets (sometimes referred to as high tensile sheets) provide high strength properties but are formulated for improved workability and ductility. Test Reports are available showing chemistry, yield and tensile strengths, and elongation.

Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled (P&O)

Pickled and oiled sheets are available in multiple grades. The process of pickling consists of passing the steel through a chemical bath that removes most of the hot roll mill scale, leaving a tight and generally smooth surface. The steel then has a thin coat of oil applied to inhibit it from quickly rusting due to atmospheric humidity. The oil must be removed before painting.

Cold Rolled Sheet ASTM A1008 Commercial Quality

Sheets of this quality should be suitable for bending and moderate forming; however, they are not guaranteed against breakage except that caused by piped steel (material with tubular voids). The smooth, dull surface texture is suitable for paints, lacquers and enamels.

Galvanized Sheet ASTM-A653 Commercial Quality

Galvanized steel is available in coil form and may be slit to specific widths as well as leveled into flat sheets. Zinc may be applied to the steel in various coating thicknesses. Our standard is G90 but other coatings may be specified. Galvanized sheets are ductile and soft and are the prime general sheet metal for heating, cooling, joist hangers, and sign work. Sheets must be primed before painting.

Paintable Galvanized Sheet ASTM-A653, A60 Galvannealed

Paintable galvanized sheet, sometimes called paint bond or wiped galvanized, has a surface coating that generally makes priming unnecessary and is used in applications where paint, enamels and lacquers will be used. This product is also annealed to remove stress, induce softness and to alter ductility, toughness, or electric, magnetic or other physical and mechanical properties.

Electro Galvanized ASTM A879 A06 Commercial Quality

This product has zinc bonded to cold rolled steel by the electroytic process. This process so completely bonds the zinc to the steel that the zinc will not flake or peel even under the most severe forming or drawing conditions.