Hot Rolled Bar Products

Hot Rolled Strips, Flats, Rounds, Squares, UM Plate & Rebar*

Available Grades
Commercial Quality

Commercial Quality bars are typically produced in grades C1008, C1020, to chemical specifications and are not subject to mechanical property tests. Mill size tolerances apply to all Commercial Quality bars.


Hot rolled, ASTM-A36 bars are suitable for most construction purposes including riveted, bolted and welded structures. Material that is made to ASTM-A36 is suitable for mild hot and cold forming. Most hot rolled flats, rounds and squares are available in ASTM-A36.


Hot rolled ASTM-A529 bars are produced in both Grade 50 & Grade 35. This is a carbon-manganese material designed for structural purposes such as riveted, bolted, and welded construction.

ASTM-A572 Grade 50

High Tensile bars are rolled by various steel mills. They are a high strength low alloy material, intended primarily for weight reduction, or longer life, by means of greater strength.

ASTM-A615 (rebar only)*

The ASTM-A615 Specification pertains to deformed and plain billet-steel concrete reinforcement bars in cut lengths or coils.

Bars are of three minimum yields: namely, 40,000 psi, 60,000 psi, and 75,000 psi; designated as Gr. 40, Gr. 60, and Gr. 75, respectively.

ASTM-A706 (rebar only)*

Galvanizing and paint services available upon request.

Cold Rolled Bar Products

Cold Drawn Rounds, Flats, Squares, Hex, Stressproof, C1045, & C12L14

A medium low basic steel of “machine” grade without “brittleness” when formed or bent. The manganese content is high, making it a good steel for carburized parts, since it produces a harder and more uniform case. Rounds of 4" diameter and smaller are cold drawn and rounds over 4" are turned and polished having a high degree of accuracy, concentricity, straightness and a highly polished surface.

Available Grades
Stressproof® Cold Finished Shafting

This is a heavily cold worked, strain relieved carbon killed steel bar. It is available as a Cold Drawn Bar in 12 foot lengths. Some locations stock an ASTM-1144 bar with similar properties.

Precision C-1045 Shafting

Precision Shafting represents the highest degree of straightness, accuracy, concentricity and surface perfection obtainable in commercial practice. These bars are turned and centerless ground to close limits over their entire length, and burnished to a high finish after grinding. It is important to note that turning does not alter the physical properties of the bar.

Screw Machine Stock (C-12L14 Cold Finished Rounds)

These special quality CF rounds have a machinability rating on automatic screw machines of 300 surface feet per minute. These rounds are of screw stock quality used for instruments, electronic parts, and machine shafts. They are also suitable for nickel plating.

More information is available upon request.