Large Sizes for Large Diameters


PDM Steel offers a single system capable of combining multiple manual operations into a single cycle, dramatically reducing your wait time and cost. Additionally, this process can decrease the amount of welding by developing “smart parts” including tabs and features on the processed material for quicker assembly.

The Opportunities of Laser

Simplification: The use of open profiles and special sections simplifies assembly and reduces final construction costs. In 3D cutting mode the machining of the chamfer for weld preparations can be completed.

Accuracy: Parts with better cut quality/ Repeatability: +/- .004 cutting tolerance. High quality parts with machining accuracy and batch to batch consistency enable robotic welding.

Universal: The versatile laser cutting head has the ability to machine the widest variety of sections, materials and thicknesses including: cutting, drilling, tapping.

Efficiency: Reduced processing time for large parts.


Standard Materials: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum (Other materials may be available upon request)

Tube length for loading/unloading: 20’-40’ infeed, up to 40’ outfeed

Maximum tube weight
: 67 lbs./ft.

Drilling & Tapping
Min .125- 5/8” max

Cutting Tolerance
+/- .004

SMART PARTS-The Ultimate Service Solution from Raw Material to Finished, Ready to Assemble Product

Intricate designs for frames and tubular structures offering deformation free piercing operations.

-Efficiency = lower cost per part
-Work in process inventory is reduced
-Floor space for material staging is freed up
-Conventional fixtures and dies are eliminated
-Tooling lead time, cost and maintenance are eliminated
-Small batch runs become cost effective due to rapid set up
-Virtually any cutting geometry can easily and rapidly be created
-The new product development cycle can be dramatically shortened

CAD Specialists

FILES ACCEPTED: 3D models: IGES, STEP and .X_T formatted three dimensional CAD files

Dynamic nesting –machine determines the most efficient cutting locations, part arrangement and eliminates wasted scrap

Ability to quickly nest, create jobs and orders, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

Quickly import, create or modify 3D CAD data and convert it into machine code.

3 dimensional parametric system

Automated jointing between tubes of different diameter, thickness and shape simplifies the assembly of frames and structures

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