Do Laser Cut Parts Make Sense for Your Business?

Apr 29, 2020

PDM is able to offer customers 360 degree tube laser cutting on large scale structural products including tubing, beams, channels, flat bars and angles. This new state-of-the-art tube laser can produce CNC high quality steel parts while ensuring the highest levels of efficiency, precision and repeatability.

By offering a single system and combining multiple manual operations into one cycle, parts can be produced much faster thus reducing your wait time, and overall development costs. This process also decreases the amount of welding and simplifies fabrication by providing "smart parts" with customized tabs, features and weldable edges for quicker assembly.

Ask your local sales representative how we can help streamline your operation.

  • Intricate designs for frames and tubular structures
  • Deformation and dimple free piercing operations
  • Cut-to-length parts without burr, dross or contamination
  • Miters & Coped Cuts for tube-to-tube connections or structural joints
  • Complex hole cutouts of virtually any geometry & Through-Tube Projections
  • Flow-type joints, Locking Tube Connections & Hand Bent Preparations
  • Laser Marking, Odd-Shaped Tubes, Profiles & Extrusions

Don't have a local contact? No problem! Please contact us and we will connect you with a PDM sales professional to help meet your needs.

Click here to review full specifications and see the tube laser in action!

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