PPC Is Now ISO 9001:2015 Certified!

Sep 21, 2017

After much preparation, PDM’s Plate Processing Center in Fresno, California is now ISO 9001:2015 Certified. PPC is the second of the PDM locations to achieve an ISO certification after their flat roll facility in Stockton, FPSS.

PDM has always been focused on providing the best-in-class, quality products and services to their customers backed with a quality assurance program ingrained throughout their operations. Becoming ISO 9001:2015 certified takes quality and accountability with PDM’s existing Quality Management System to the next level and allows the company to better service their customer’s plate processing needs especially in the manufacturing markets.

Special recognition is in order for Lynn Wrather, Quality Assurance Manager at FPSS, Ernie Garcia, ISO Administrator/Safety Coordinator, Brenden Olsen, General Manager and the entire PPC operation for their team efforts. “Everyone is involved in the program and plays a crucial role in its success...,” said Wrather. “…An organization that truly understands the importance of ISO 9001 knows that certification is only the first step. Now the hard work begins as we learn to apply the tools provided by ISO to look for ways to continually improve our process and consistently satisfy our customers by providing them exactly what they’re asking for each and every time.”

PPC has fully embraced this humble approach and with this new certification is positioned to shoulder their customers’ most stringent plate processing requirements.

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